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The term "attack" shows up numerous times in the Course. Today, I went to a local Course based class on the subject of attack. I didn't know what exactly to expect, but I enjoyed a very well-presented discussion. Usually, by the end of a three-hour class, I am ready to bolt. The time passed, quickly, however, and I was spellbound.

The Course has a lot to say on attack, including:

T-6.Int.1 The relationship of anger to attack is obvious, but the relationship of anger to fear is not always so apparent. Anger always involves projection of separation, which must ultimately be accepted as one's own responsibility, rather than being blamed on others. Anger cannot occur unless you believe that you have been attacked, that your attack is justified in return, and that you are in no way responsible for it. Given these three wholly irrational premises, the equally irrational conclusion that a brother is worthy of attack rather than of love must follow. What can be expected from insane premises except an insane conclusion? The way to undo an insane conclusion is to consider the sanity of the premises on which it rests. You cannot be attacked, attack has no justification, and you are responsible for what you believe.

Some of the key things I learned about attack are:
  • We are frequently attacking. Anytime we so much as make a snap judgment only in our minds, we are participating in attack. Sometimes in meditation, I can watch my thoughts, and I notice that I am regularly making judgments every waking minute of every day.
  • We don't usually realize we are attacking. It is not something we often do on a conscious level. It appears "normal" to us.
  • Sometimes we think we are defending against attack. However, defending is just another form of attack. Because your thoughts are projected you will fear attack.
  • Any kind of suffering is attack on your self. The most prevalent kind of attack is self attack.
  • Don't empathize with suffering in others, leave that to the Holy Spirit. Don't get caught up in the drama, just be love.
  • Denial is the epitome of attack. The only healthy denial is the denial that error can hurt you.
  • Attack actually causes stress on the physical body. The presenter was able to come off blood pressure medicine by reducing his attack.
There are four steps that we can take to reduce the frequency and severity of attack:
  • Accept that we attack constantly
  • Identify attack
  • Monitor our thoughts and words
  • Remove attack through forgiveness
T-10.IV.8 In many only the spark remains, for the Great Rays are obscured. Yet God has kept the spark alive so that the Rays can never be completely forgotten.

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